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"Barring George W. Bush from Canada: Time for the Law to Step In" b$ October 15, 2009

(*)Davidson, Gail: Are Canadian Soldiers Being Ordered to Commit War Crimes in Afghanistan?
(*)Morgan: Falluja: A Documentary Poem
(*)Foley: The Tom Ridge Coloring Book
Fisk: Oil, War and a growing sense of panic in the US
(*)Gerald: Responding to a Criminal War
Coelho: It's under Bush's bed!
Clark: Why does Bush push to silence free speech?
Vidal: The Enemy Within
Mackay: Revealed: 17 British Firms armed Saddam with his Weapons
Mickey Z: Anti-War Speech
Mahajan: Responding to Colin Powell
Galeano: The USA is at War
Fisk: It's about Oil
Johansen/Oberg: A UN mandate does not make war against Iraq right!
Economist: Ends, Means and Barbarity
Vandas: Stories from Baghdad
DemocracyNOW: Reveals how the US helped to illegally arm Iraq
Pilger: Revealing the American Plan
Pilger: Lies, Damned Lies, and Terror Warnings
MoveOnPeace: Gulf War II: The Possibilities
Milne: A War that can't be Won
Wintour & MacAskill: 1 in 3 say Bush is biggest threat
IPPNW: Collateral Damage - New Report from Medact
(*)Foley: War cries: Weapons of Mass Distraction...Or Something Worse?
STWB: An International Call from Veterans and Soldiers to Members of the Armed Forces
Retro-Poll: Polls Reflect Propaganda
Aldouri: Iraq States Its Case
Bennis: Dj Vu All Over Again
NLG: Supports acts of civil disobedience in protesting preemptive strike against Iraq
Bartlett: Pledge of nonviolent resistance
McQuaig: Iraq's not the only state with deadly weapons
Fisk: The Dishonesty Of This So-called Dossier
Fisk: America's case for war is built on blindness, hypocrisy and lies
Peimani: Russia, US on collision course
Avnery: War Now!
(*)Chomsky: Drain the swamp and there will be no more mosquitoes
Clark: Dispatch from Peace Delegation in Iraq
Clark: Urges people to join Emergency Actions
Clark: Stop the War before it Starts
(*)Foley: No Iraqi Surprise: Look Now, Not Later, at the Dangers of War
Kessler: U.S. fears grow over turmoil in Afghanistan
Post Editorial: Re: Kofi Annan comments on US foreign policy
Baldwin & Watson: Unions to challenge Blair on Iraq war
Pitt: The Coming October War in Iraq
Morgan: President Bush Plans a War of Aggression
(*)Chomsky: Interview by Dimitriadis Epaminondas
Schwarz: Further evidence of a massacre of Taliban prisoners
Gioseffi: Book Reviews
Davidson: Kill the Messenger
Grey: Why is the NY Times defending Bush's 9/11 cover-up?
(*)Foley: Dick Cheney's Obscenity
Steele: Forgotten Victims
Duboff & Herman: Who is the greatest rogue of all?
Oberg: Three minutes silence for the dead in Afghanistan
(*)Foley: Defeating Evil
(*)Mandel: Why are Canadians in Afghanistan?
Tagesspiegel: German Ex-Minister rips 9/11 case open
Klenner: Fluch der bsen Tat Was das Jahrbuch Menschenrechte 2002 offenbart
(*)Chomsky: ZMag interview with Noam Chomsky on the current situation in the Middle East McKinney implies Bush knew of Sept 11 plot
Shulz: LAW members in Germany are actively opposing the continuation of the war in Afghanistan
Edwards: Media Indifference to Afghan Crisis, The Ecologist, March 2002.
CIHRS: International Symposium on Terrorism and Human Rights, Cairo: Jan 2002
G- 7 Countries Find Their Public Supportive of U. S. Military Action in Afghanistan, But Serious Opposition Appears in Other Countries, New Global Poll Finds

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