LAW members in Germany are activing opposing the continuation of the war in Afghanistan.  LAW  member R.A. Shulz writes below from Germany.

Thursday, March 07, 2002

Dear colleagues,
I would like inform you that the German members of L.A.W. appear also actively against the war.
Norman Paech held the last Saturday in Berlin a lecture on "sense and abuse of international jurisdiction" with
reference to the ICTY. The Berlin media did report on it, but not all  objectively. And weeks ago he gave to
newspapers interviews, e.g., before beginning of the process against Slobodan Milosevic " Reproaches against
the NATO are for Hague tribunal <not relevant> " or " Milosevic before court or the future of the International
jurisdiction ".
Hermann Klenner wrote for a left newspaper an very impressive article "Curse of the bad act - What the
yearbook 2002 human rights  reveals" ( Armour export policy of the EU and their ambivalent relation to
social  fundamental rights, about the Genovese refugee's convention or about situation of human rights, Then
the experiences teach namely, that the constitutional state and the civil rights  are threatened in the fight
against terrorism as collateral damages on the distance to remain.).
Bernhard Graefrath published in  a newspaper "Guantanamo - Ill-treatment of prisoners of war is a war crime".
I spoke in a forum as a presenter against the German contribution to the war against Yugoslavia and to
Afghanistan. We are also involved in demonstrations against the war and the militarization of our societies.
The problem is only  the lack of translation capacity from German to English.
Yours for Peace and Justice,