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Iraq War Crimes Prosecutions

Corporate Lawyers Against the War

IRAQ RESOURCES: legal and other information:

International Commission of Jurists

German anti war initiative groups (network)

Vereinigung Demokratischer Juristinnen und Juristen e.V. (West German association)

Komitee für ein effektives Völkerstrafrecht e.V. (CoEICL)

Institut für Hochschulrecht

Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy

Western States Legal Foundation

Center for Constitutional Rights

Global policy forum

National Lawyers Guild

Centre for Economic & Social Rights

Attorneys Against The War

Foreign Policy in Focus


Public Interest Lawyers

Australian jurists opposed to the war in Iraq

Australian Lawyers for Human Rights

Australian Lawyers Against the War

Law Professors for the Rule of Law - Statement - Signatories Frederic Kirgis UN Specialist - Washinton & Lee Universities      

Michael Bothe, chairman of the German Society for International Law.   

International Association of Lawyers against Nuclear Arms

Michael Byers, Associate Professor at Duke University School of Law,

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Project to Enforce the Geneva Conventions

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Law Professors For The Rule of Law








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