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LAW letter to Prime Minister and Ministers Nicholson, Kenney, Toews and Baird August 25, 2011
"Visit of George W. Bush on October 20, 2011: Canada must prevent entry or arrest and ensure prosecution for torture."

LAW letter to the Parliamentary Special Committee on the Canadian Mission to Afghanistan December 21, 2009
"...there is no longer any doubt that the transfers are illegal. Neither is there any doubt that the law requires that the transfers be stopped, the violations investigated, id$

(*)Letter requesting that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and Tony Blair be barred from Canada (September 10, 2009) PDF

(*)Letter to Officer in Charge of RCMP War Crimes Section (March 11, 2009) PDF

(*)Legal duties triggered by news of visit: Bar George W. Bush from entering Canada or prosecute him for torture (February 23, 2009) PDF

(*)Letter demanding the release of Guantánamo Bay prisoner Omar Khader PDF

(*)Stop abuse of people taken into custody in Afghanistan: write to your MP Word Document

(*)Letter to Attorney-General requesting consent to continue Criminal Proceedings against Bush    Word Document    PDF

(*)Letter to Attorney-General requesting Criminal Proceedings against Bush

Letter from a concerned American Citizen to Minister Sgro

(*)Letter to Judy Sgro from LAW attempting to bar President Bush from Canada:
Word Document       PDF

(*)Letter to Paul Martin from LAW attempting to bar President Bush from Canada:
Word Document       PDF

(*)Letter to Gilbert Blades from Grace Woo

(*)Letter to PM of Canada (April 2nd)

Letter to MP from Doug Bracewell requesting clarification of the legal basis for involvement in Iraq

Letter to CBC from Jef Keighley

(*)Letter to Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff from Charles Gittings

Letter to Bush from Michael Moore

Letter to the Security Council from National Lawyers Guild (NLG)

Letter to Chretien, McCallum and Graham
Reply by McCallum

Letter to his Holiness Pope John Paul II

(*)Letter to Prime Minister of Canada

(*)Letter to Permanent Mission of Guinea

(*)LAW, the UK Public Interest Lawyers, and lawyers with the US Center for Constitutional Reform have sent letters to Chrétien, Blair and Bush along with a brief prepared by the UK Public Interest lawyers for their client, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Please distribute to press and other organizations.

Chrétien Letter: DOC PDF
Bush Letter: DOC PDF
Blair Letter: DOC PDF
Straw Letter: DOC PDF
War Crimes Brief: DOC PDF

(*)LAW urges jurists to endorse open letter to the UN on Iraq

(*)LAW sends legal brief and letter outlining the illegality of the US threatened use of force against Iraq to all members of the UN Security Council
Click here for copy of the letter
Click here for UN Member addresses
Click here for a copy of the legal brief: Word or PDF

Japanese Lawyers Against the War in Iraq

On-line Petition Against War in Iraq

VoteNoWar: An Open Letter to the VoteNoWar Membership and to the Anti-War Movement On-line petition to ask Bush to let the Inspections Work

VETERANS: Call to Conscience from Veterans to Active Duty Troops and Reservists

FROBERG: Open Letter to the Foreign Ministers of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Clark: Letter to UN: Do not support attack on Iraq

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