Dear CBC:
> I am completely opposed to the illegal and immoral Bush War on Iraq.  It
> violates international law, the U.S. Constitution and all humanitarian
> principles. Canadian participation in the war would have been illegal even
> if had the U.S. been successful in bribing, browbeating and cajoling
> countries into supporting a second Security Council resolution.  My
> is not in support of Saddam Hussien, quite the contrary, it is rather in
> support of the Iraqi people.
> Since the imposition of the crippling economic sanctions on Iraq in the
> early 1990s, those sanctions have deprived the Iraqi people of medicines,
> tools and equipment necessary for agriculture, economic and human health
> development and much, much more.  Depending on whose estimates you accept,
> the sanctions have been reponsible for the deaths of 600,000 to 1.2M Iraqi
> men, women and mostly children.  50% of the Iraqi population is under age
> 18.  The Weapons Inspections processes during the 1990s for all intents
> purposes did in fact disarm Iraq, just ask Scott Ritter, the senior U.S.
> Weapons Inspector during that period, a card carrying Republican and a
> Marine.   Iraq's neighbours do not believe the Iraqi regime posses any
> threat to their respective nations. It certainly poses no threat to the
> or Britain. It was the United States who engineered the withdrawl of the
> Weapons Inspectors in the late 1990s so that they could not finalize that
> process, because a declaration of achieved disarmament would have legally
> necessitated the removal of the sanctions and the return of Iraq to
> participate in the affairs of the world as a normalized state, including
> Iraqi control over the sale of Iraqi oil rather than having to deposit all
> such revenues with the United Nations for their control and decision over
> how, when and on what it could be spent.  Removal of the sanctions did not
> fit with American designs for conquest, oil and redrawing the map of the
> Middle East and so it had to be sabotaged, and sabotaged it was.
> Consistent to a fault, the U.S. prevented the most recent Weapons
> process to recruit the numbers of inspectors and prevented allowing the
> needed to do the job properly this time as well, for exactly the same
> reasons.
> The U.S. has repeatedly alluded to the Iraqi nuclear program without ever
> once pointing to any hard evidence of the same, an coordinated smear
> campaign, normally call 'a lie'.  But let's look at the reality.  The U.S.
> and Britain have been engaging in regular aerial and satillite survellance
> of Iraq for over a decade.  They have systematically photographed every
> of Iraq.  Even if one paints large buildings camoflage to make them
> more difficult to see from the air in bright sunlight, you can never
> actually do it conceal things that are really big.  Any building,
> photographed in early morning or early evening when the sun is low on the
> horizon will cast long shadows no matter what colours it is painted.
> shadows, casting geometric forms on the land show up in photographs.  All
> one has to do is look to American nuclear development and manufacturing
> facilities - which are the most sophisticated on the planet - to know that
> those complexes are necessarily extremely large and expansive.  To suggest
> that somehow the Iraqis have figured out how to do the similar nuclear
> development and manufacturing in scattered, small, undetectable structures
> or in caves is to suggest that the alleged Iraqi nuclear development
> programs are in fact more sophisticated than that of the Americans.  A
> ludicrous assertion.
> Tommy Douglas once said "If a fella comes up to you and tries to tell you
> its not about the money, its about the princple...its about the money!"
> When George W. Bush says to the world, its not about conquest and oil, its
> about weapons of mass destruction...its about conquest and oil!
> Canada should withdraw it ships and forces from Afghanistan and the Gulf
> completely.  We should not be participating in the war on Iraq through the
> front door or through the back door, but that is what we are doing.
> Chretien seeks public kudos because Canada is not participating in the war
> directly, yet Canadian forces deployed to Afghanistan and the Gulf have
> specifically freed up U.S. combat units for redeployment into Iraq.  If
> Canada was not supporting the Bush War on Iraq, the U.S. could not
> those forces.  In that
> Predictably the death toll is rising in Iraq, and each death is another
> indictment against the Bush regime, a growing crime against humanity.  A
> crime that should produce a Nuremberg style trial and the imprisonment of
> that regime.  But we all know how much respect places on International Law
> when it runs counter to U.S. imperial and economic respect
> all.
> Sincerely,
> Jef Keighley,
> CAW Canada &
> 604 522-7911