His Holiness John Paul II Apostolic Palace 00120 Vatican City State Europe

"Father, why has thou forsaken me?"

Your Holiness:

I write to you today out of a sense of  great urgency. As you know the United
States of America is on the verge of launching what may be one of the most
cataclysmic wars in history using weapons of mass destruction upon the Iraqi
people, fifty percent of whom are less than 15 years of age.

Conservative estimates are that such a war will result in the death of 500,000
Iraqis. It seems clear that, at this time, you are the only person on Earth who
can stop this war. Indeed, your physical presence in Baghdad, will prevent the
impending slaughter of hundreds of thousands of human beings, and force the
international community of nations to identify and implement a truly peaceful
resolution to this unprecedented, preemptive aggression.

I implore you to travel to Baghdad and to remain there until a peaceful solution
to this crisis has been implemented. The lives of the people of the people of
Iraq rest in your hands - as does the fate of the world.

With hope,
Marcos Arruda
Instituto Políticas Alternativas para o Cone Sul - PACS
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Economist and educator
Member of the Movement Faith and Politics