Dear Minister Sgro,
    Regarding the admission of President bush into your country,  please do not utilize a system of double standards.  I know people who have been refused access to your country because of marijuana possession conviction in their past.  Their intent was to go on holiday.  How can you consider allowing this criminal into your country, when his intent is selling ideology that you should probably consider subversive.  You should carefully consider the worlds increasingly critical view of America's military, political, and economic behavior,  and your country's association with that big bully next door.
    I understand that as a citizen of the U.S. that this decision is none of my business, however I would like to politely inform you that I am aware your country also denies access to those convicted of DWI in the United States.  Please consider the following:

I am guessing he will be granted diplomatic immunity regarding this minor issue.  I would consider that to be an injustice.  Public officials should be held to at least the same legal standards as their citizenship, if not higher.  Thank you very much for your time in this matter.

Respectfully Yours,