Grace L.X. Woo
1981 rue Favard
Montreal, Canada. H3K 1Y9
Gilbert Blades,
Wilkin, Chapman, Epton & Blades Solicitors,
Bank Street,
LN2 1DR.                                                                      12 April, 2003


To whom it may concern:

I am writing in support of the soldiers who were sent home for refusing to participate in an illegal war in Iraq.  There is no reason why they should be punished for acting in defense of the Queen and of the English constitution.

We must remember that the Queen only becomes the legal sovereign after swearing an oath to defend the people by ruling according to the laws and customs of the people.  The Crown is the personification of the people. The Stuart claim that the English monarch was answerable only to God was soundly rejected centuries ago.

As the Prime Minister in Parliament, Tony Blair is supposed to facilitate the rule of law by representing the people.  The fact that he is the leader of the majority in the legislature does not give him the right to seize despotic power as the Stuart kings attempted to do.  There is a procedure that must be followed to establish legality & it was not followed.

In this modern world all states must be responsible to each other.  The rule of conquest is no longer accepted. The war in Iraq was conducted without the approval of either the British people or the United Nations. It undermines the very foundation of modern international law and the principle that all humans are equal. Under rogue American leadership, we have just experienced a return to “might makes right”.

The young soldiers who refused to follow illegal orders are heroes following in the footsteps of Coke C.J.  We should not be wasting our energy prosecuting them.  We should be rethinking our institutions.  It is time for another reform.  We need to re-think our Bill of Rights procedures to prevent further abuse & illicit usurpation of power.

Thank you for defending these brave soldiers.



L.X. Woo