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Saskatoon groups oppose illegal visit of G.W. Bush to Canada
George W. Bush Welcoming Committee-Saskatoon: Over 1,800 people have joined the group (on Facebook), which is planning a rally for October 21, 2009. To join or print a "Wanted for War Crimes: G.W. Bush" poster, go to

Oct 6, 2009

Canada blocks torture charges against Bush
Dec 6, 2004

Hearing Dec. 6th in torture charges against Bush
Dec 2, 2004

LAWs charges Bush with torture
Nov 30, 2004

LAW attempts to bar Bush from Canada: Letter to Sgro
Nov 25, 2004

LAW attempts to bar Bush from Canada: Letter to PM
Nov 19, 2004

Citizens find Bush guilty of Afghan war crimes
Nao Shimoyachi

Mar 14
, 2004

U.K. should face court for crimes in Iraq, say jurists
Ewen MacAskill
Jan 21
, 2004

Don't tread on me: Act Now to Save the Constitution
(*)Brian Foley

Dec 27
, 2003

Anti-war MPs Give Blair No Respite Over WMD Hunt
Russell and Grice

Dec 16
, 2003

U.S. fires Guantanamo defence team
James Meek
Dec 3
, 2003

Guantanamo treatment is 'monstrous', says law lord
Robert Verkaik

Nov 26
, 2003

Guantanamo Condemned
Alex Thomson

Nov 25
, 2003

U.S. releases 20 detainees, transfers 20 more to Cuba
Charlie Savage
Nov 25
, 2003

U.S. releases Canadian detained in Guantanamo
Freeze and
Nov 25
, 2003

War critics astonished as US hawk admits invasion was illegal
Burkeman and Borger

Nov 20
, 2003

U.N. pullout from Baghdad threatens to undermine U.S.
Thalif Deen

Oct 31
, 2003

U.S. Military Trials of Terror Suspects 'Imminent'
Will Dunham

Oct 30
, 2003

Red Cross blasts Guantanamo
BBC News

Oct 10
, 2003

Lies, Mischief and the Myth of Western Intelligence Services
Robert Fisk
Sept 28
, 2003

Cuban Foreign Minister Speech to UN
Felipe Pérez Roque
Sept 26
, 2003

Amnesty Int'l report denounces US treatment of war prisoners
Ruby Rankin

Sept 25
, 2003

Journo claims proof of WMD lies
Paul Mulvey

Sept 23
, 2003

Lies and more lies
John Pilger

Sept 23
, 2003

Americans draw a veil of secrecy as casualties grow
Robert Fisk
Sept 20
, 2003

Power to the Purse!
(*)Brian Foley

Sept 18
, 2003

This War on Terrorism is Bogus
Michael Meacher

Sept 6
, 2003

Another U.S. war crime?
Sara Flounders
Aug 18
, 2003

America's Gulag for Iraq's VIP Prisoners
Gordon Thomas

Aug 14
, 2003

Preventive War 'the Supreme Crime'
(*)Noam Chomsky

Aug 11
, 2003

War on Truth
John Pilger

Aug 4
, 2003

US launched air war against Iraq in 2002
James Conachy

July 24
, 2003

"Depleted uranium use is a war crime"
James Patton

July 23
, 2003

Bush, Media, and the Bill of Rights
Jennifer Van Bergen
(LAW Member)

July 9
, 2003

U.S. forces change in Belgian War Crimes Law

June 22
, 2003

"I just pulled the trigger"
London Evening Standard

June 19
, 2003

Legality of War to be argued in Court
June 18, 2003

Iraq war could have been "illegal"
June 9, 2003

U.S. faces growing charges of War Crimes
Thalif Deen
May 30, 2003

Red Cross denied access to POWs
The Observer
May 25, 2003

War on Iraq was illegal, say top lawyers
May 25, 2003

German Attorneys Sue Bush for Iraqi War
May 20, 2003

High Court Declines Terror Detainee Case
The Associated Press
May 19, 2003

War Over?
Robert Fisk, The Independent
May 6, 2003

US: "Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction
Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald
May 4, 2003

Did the US Murder Journalists?
Robert Fisk, Counterpunch
April 29, 2003

Intelligence agencies accuse Bush and Blair of distorting and fabricating evidence in rush to war
Raymond Whitaker
April 27, 2003

America's war of "liberation" may be over. But Iraq's war of liberation from the American's is just about to begin
Robert Fisk
April 17, 2003

Prove Iraqi guilt, MPs tell Blair
The Guardian
April 19, 2003

Embedded Photographer: "I saw Marines Kill Civilians"
Michel Guerrin, Le Monde
April 12, 2003

Crime Against Humanity
John Pilger
April 10, 2003

Irregular Weapons used against Iraq
Simon Helwig-Larsen
April 7, 2003

UN spokesman in Iraq described the war against Iraq as illegitimate
April 8, 2003
The Official Spokesman of the United Nations in Amman Najib Frygi stressed that the American-British aggression on Iraq is considered illegitimate and a violation of the international resolutions.
In a press statement he asserted that the killing of civilians and demolishing the infrastructures are violation of the international laws.
Frygi called for respecting the sovereignty and unity of the Iraq territories and the Iraqi people's right to self-determination stressing that the UN will not admit any government imposed by America.

We will handle trials, say Americans
David Rennie
April 8, 2003

Britain admits there may be no WMDs in Iraq
Ruben Bannerjee
April 6, 2003

Belgium amends law to avoid prosecuting President Bush
Pakistan Daily Times
March 30, 2003

Canada's "secret" contribution to the War in Iraq
Richard Sanders, COAT
March 29, 2003

Blair the war criminal
Tam Dalywell Comment
March 27, 2003

Defence Department confirms Canadian personnel active in war on Iraq
Dennis Bueckert, CP Wire
March 27, 2003

It was an outrage, an obscenity
Robert Fisk, Independent
March 27, 2003

Belgium rethinks war crimes law
BBC News
March 26, 2003

One Rule for Them
George Monbiot, Guardian
March 25, 2003

Canada (Saint John): Hot Cargo Edict For Iraqi War Cargo
International Longshoremen's Association
March 17, 2003
Saint John Longshoremen have declared a “hot cargo” edict for military cargo destined for the Iraqi war. Unless the United Nations gives its approval, the port workers have voted to support that position and intend to request other Saint John workers and citizens to adopt the same stance.

Conflict could spill over to other regions: Putin
Agencies Arab News
March 22, 2003

Advisor quits Foreign Office over legality of war
Ewan MacAskill, The Guardian
March 22, 2003

Us Launches Preemptive Attack Against Un General Assembly
Jeremy Brecher
March 20, 2003

Attack illegal, experts say
Jeff Sallot
March 20, 2003

Sweden Could Take an Initiative Against the War
Jan Myrdal

Why I Had to Leave Blair's Cabinet
Robin Cook

March 18, 2003

Hitler explains his attack on Poland
David Morgan

March 18, 2003

The Empire is not Invincible
Justin Podur
March 18, 2003

PM says Canada will not fight in Iraq
Prime Minister Jean Chrétien
March 17, 2003

Law unto themselves
Richard Norton-Taylor

March 14, 2003

Military action against Iraq under existing UN resolutions would be unlawful despite claims to the contrary by ministers - this is the near-unanimous view of international lawyers on an issue which has profound implications for future relations between sovereign states.

The UNs Crucial Role
Michael Mandel

March 10, 2003

An immoral and unjust war on Iraq is no less one because the Security Council caves in to pressure from the U.S.

Afghan prisoners beaten to death at US military interrogation base
Duncan Campbell

March 7, 2003

Two prisoners who died while being held for interrogation at the US military base in Afghanistan had apparently been beaten, according to a military pathologist's report. A criminal investigation is now under way into the deaths which have both been classified as homicides.

Home Front Battle
Penney Kome

March 4, 2003

“Article 20 of the International Covenant for Civil and Political Rights states that, any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law. Therefore, Canada has an obligation to make war propaganda illegal, as hate literature is.” So says neuroscientist Dr. Arthur Clark.

Vote to Impeach Bush
Ramsey Clark, former U.S. Attorney General during the Johnson Administration has drafted articles of impeachment setting forth high crimes and misdemeanors by President Bush and other civil officers of his administration.

Revealed: US dirty tricks to win vote on Iraq war
March 2, 2003
The United States is conducting a secret 'dirty tricks' campaign against UN Security Council delegations in New York as part of its battle to win votes in favour of war against Iraq.

Star Witness on Iraq Said Weapons Were Destroyed
February 27, 2003
In a revelation that "raises questions about whether the WMD [weapons of mass destruction] stockpiles attributed to Iraq still exist," Newsweek's issue dated March 3 reported that the Iraqi weapons chief who defected from the regime in 1995 told U.N. inspectors that Iraq had destroyed its entire stockpile of chemical and biological weapons and banned missiles, as Iraq claims.

101 Ways to Stop the War
Earth Future

Peace is a City Issue
February 27, 2003
Ottawa And Montreal City Councils Vote No To War

A threat on eve of U.N. vote
Dafna Linzer
February 24, 2003
United Nations- Senior U.S. officials have been quietly dispatched in recent days to the capitals of key Security Council countries where they are warning leaders to vote with the United States on Iraq or risk "paying a heavy price."

International Weapons Inspections Team Refused Access to U.S. Army Biological Weapons Site
February 23, 2003
A 13-member delegation of parliamentarians, scientists, academics, faith and union leaders from Canada, the U.K., Italy, Denmark and the United States have been refused access to inspect the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center in Maryland.

Inspectors call U.S. tips 'Garbage'
February 20, 2003
While diplomatic maneuvering continues over Turkish bases and a new United Nations resolution, inside Iraq, U.N. arms inspectors are privately complaining about the quality of U.S. intelligence and accusing the United States of sending them on wild-goose chases.

Coming Soon to Baghdad - The Preview of the E-Bomb
Phil Brennan

February 17, 2003
It will begin with a sharp crack, like the sound of a bolt of lightning hitting its target. In an instant, Baghdad and its environs will go dark.

US Plans to Use Illegal Weapons
Severin Carrell

February 16, 2003
While American forces invading Iraq face the threat of chemical attack, they could themselves be using biochemical agents which are banned under international law.

Millions March Worldwide To Denounce Bush's War Plans

February 15, 2003

Call to Arms
Allan Thompson
February 15, 2003
OTTAWA—After months of playing a diplomatic game of Connect The Dots, there is now a clearer picture of the supporting role Canada would likely play in a U.S.-led campaign against Iraq.

Liberal MPs split on troops in Iraq
Tonda MacCharles
February 12, 2003
OTTAWA—A series of parliamentary votes yesterday indicated divisions within the government over whether Ottawa should send troops for a war with Iraq without another United Nations resolution expressly approving it.

Press Release from TFF
Lund, Sweden
February 5, 2003
Christian Harleman and Jan Oberg recently returned from their second two-week fact-finding mission to Iraq.

Blix Says He Saw Nothing to Prompt a War
By Judith Miller and Julia Preston
January 30, 2003
In a two-hour interview in his United Nations offices overlooking Midtown Manhattan, Mr. Blix, the chief chemical and biological weapons inspector, seemed determined to dispel any impression that his report was intended to support the administration's campaign to build world support for a war to disarm Saddam Hussein.

Vancouver City Council passes resolution opposing war against Iraq
January 30, 2003
Vancouver becomes the first Canadian city to oppose war against Iraq

France & Russia warned support US war on Iraq or no Iraqi oil
January 27, 2003
France and Russia have been warned they must support the US military invasion and occupation of Iraq if they want access to Iraqi oilfields in a post-Saddam Hussein Iraq.

Lies, damned lies and more damned lies
by Jon Carroll
January 27, 2003
There is a staggering chutzpah to the Bush administration's approach to public relations. They don't bother to deal with facts already in evidence; they just say whatever they want us to believe and deflect all questions and contradictions.

by Michael C. Ruppert
January 24, 2003
Serious international developments are indicating that the first stages of the U.S. invasion of Iraq will begin unilaterally no later than next Wednesday and most likely as the President delivers his State of the Union address to Congress on Tuesday night.

US Lawyers Warn Bush On War Crimes
By Grant McCool
January 24, 2003

A group of U.S. law professors opposed to a possible war on Iraq warned U.S. President George W. Bush on Friday that he and senior government officials could be prosecuted for war crimes if military tactics violated international humanitarian law.

Chrétien could face investigation for War Crimes
January 23, 2003
The Canadian-based international organization of jurists Lawyers Against the War (LAW) today wrote to the Prime Minister of Canada warning him that he and his colleagues would face prosecution for war crimes should Canada join in an American war against Iraq without a fresh, explicit and legally valid Security Council resolution.

EU allies unite against Iraq war
Wednesday, 22 January, 2003
The leaders of France and Germany have pledged to intensify their co-operation against a US-led war against Iraq.

North rallies for peaceful resolution to Iraq crisis
WebPosted Jan 20 2003 07:48 AM MST

Despite frigid temperatures in some locations, hundreds made known their opposition to U.S. sabre-rattling and Canada's involvement in the conflict.

Liberal MP says she will resign if Canada joins war against Iraq
By Tim Harper
A Liberal MP from the GTA says she will resign from caucus if her government joins any U.S.-led strike against Iraq that does not have United Nations approval.

Graham opens door wider for joining war on Sadaam 
Just when Blair is urging patience, Canada's Defence Minister McCallum is threatened to contribute to military action against Iraq whether authorized by the UN or not. Please flood his office with your response.  
Tel: 1 613 996 3374

California orders mass arrests of Muslim foreigners
By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles
20 December 2002
Hundreds of Middle Eastern and North African men, some just 16, have been hauled into custody across southern California in the past few days, enraging civil liberties groups and drawing comparisons with the internment of tens of thousands of Japanese Americans during the Second World War.

Gaps in Iraq's Statement created by US-Censors/UN-Security Council is Insecurity Council
The US-Administration critizices the "gaps" in the Iraqi report and wants to use this as an excuse to attac Iraq. The "World Women´s Security Council in Formation" wants to point out politely that these "gaps" are self-produced by the Bush-Administeration.

Leaked report says German and US firms supplied arms to Saddam
By Tony Paterson in Berlin
18 December 2002

Iraq's 11,000-page report to the UN Security Council lists 150 foreign companies, including some from America, Britain, Germany and France, that supported Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction programme, a German newspaper said yesterday.

US upsets Security Council by seizing Iraq's arms declaration
Tuesday, December 10, 2002
The United States upset other Security Council members by removing the only complete copy of Iraq's declaration of its weapons of mass destruction from UN headquarters soon after it arrived, diplomats said Monday.

The Canadian Peace Team leaves for Iraq
Irene MacInnes, Linda Morgan, Irene Vandas and Jen Ziemann from Vancouver met in Jordan December 8 2002 and to travel into Iraq together where they will join two other Canadians, Drs David Swann and Amir Khadir. These Canadians, part of the Chicago based peace group Voices in the Wilderness, will attempt to protect the people of Iraq against military attacks by acting as human shields.

Read former U.S. Attorney General, Ramsey Clark's amazing exposé that details the damage done to civilian targets across Iraq.

News from Iraq

1000-2000 Tons DU Spread Over Iraq's Cities
From Leuren Moret
April 30, 2003

Shots in Falluja Echo Round the World
The Guardian
April 30, 2003

Final Proof That War Is About The Failure Of The Human Spirit
Robert Fisk The Independent
April 10, 2003

Children killed and maimed in bomb attack on town
Robert Fisk and Justin Huggler, The Independent
April 2, 2003

US Forces' Use of Depleted Uranium Weapons is "Illegal"
Neil Macky, Sunday Herald
March 30, 2003

In Baghdad, blood and bandages for the innocent
Robert Fisk, The Independent
March 30, 2003

Reported Deaths of Iraqi Civilians

We Bomb, They Suffer
Robert Fisk, The Independent
March 23, 2003

'Dead bodies are everywhere'
Sydney Morning Herald
March 22, 2003

Five Canadians presently with Iraq Peace Team in Baghdad
March 19, 2003

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