From: David Morgan

18 March 2003
Dear Fellow Peace Activists:
What is about to happen to Iraq is nothing new.  The "Shock-and-Awe" bombing prepared by the United States military is similar to Hitler's "Blitzkrieg," or Storm War .(See below)  It has the same  cruelty, the same techno-barbarism and the same contempt for international opinion and law. 

Luckily, America is not Nazi Germany and has enormous resources of decency, humanity and respect for the rule of law.  The struggle ahead of us will involve mobilizing these resources to defeat a small fanatical right-wing group and their followers, who have usurped power in this great republic.
In peace and solidarity,
David Morgan
National President
Veterans Against Nuclear Arms.
Proclamation by Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of the Reich,
to the German Army, September 1,1939.


The Polish State has refused the peaceful settlement of relations which I desired, and has appealed to arms. Germans in Poland are persecuted with bloody terror and driven from their houses. A series of violations of the frontier, intolerable to a great Power, prove that Poland is no longer willing to respect the frontier of the Reich.

In order to put an end to this lunacy, I have no other choice than to meet force with force from now on. The German Army will fight the battle for the honour and the vital rights of reborn Germany with hard determination. I expect that every soldier, mindful of the great traditions of eternal German soldiery, will ever remain conscious that he is a representative of the National-Socialist Greater Germany.
 Long live our people and our Reich!


Blitzkrieg: The Fall of Poland
(From "Rise & Fall of the Third Reich," William Shirer, 1959)

"Brave and valiant...though they were, the Poles were simply overwhelmed by the German onslaught.  This was their - and the world's - first experience of Blitzkrieg: the sudden surprise attack; the fighter planes and bombers roaring overhead, reconnoitering, attacking, spreading flame and terror; the Stukas screaming as they dove; the tanks, whole divisions of them, breaking through and thrusting forward thirty or forty miles in a day; self-propelled rapid-firing heavy guns rolling forty miles an hour down even the rutty Polish roads; the incredible speed of even the infantry, of the whole vast army of a million and a half men on motorized wheels, directed and co-ordinated through a maze of electronic communications consisting of intricate radio, telephone and telegraphic networks.  This was a monstrous mechanized juggernaut such as the earth had never seen."  (p.827-828)///