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Civilian Casualties and Infrastructure Damage in the 2003 US-led Attack on Baghdad
The following report is based on firsthand observation and on interviews conducted by the Iraq Peace Team in Baghdad hospitals and neighborhoods.  It provides timely information about civilian casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure.  IPT has gathered this information to supplement such information available from other sources. This report covers March 20 to April 1, 2003, the first thirteen days of the current US bombing attack.

Internal UN documents on the humanitarian impact of war on Iraq
The Center for Economic and Social Rights obtained these confidential documents from several UN personnel who believe that the potential humanitarian impact of war is a matter of global public concern that should be discussed fully and openly. For further information, please contact Roger Normand, CESR Executive Director (tel +1-718-237-9145 ext. 12, or Sarah Zaidi, CESR Research Director (tel +1-718-237-9145 ext. 19, in the US, or Glen Rangwala (07880 665731) in the UK.

Claims and evaluations of Iraq's proscribed weapons
Dr. Glen Rangwala
Glen Rangwala is a  lecturer in politics at Newnham and Trinity Colleges, Cambridge University. He is trained in political theory and international law. His doctorate, from Cambridge University, was in political and legal rhetoric in the Arab Middle East.  Glen is a member of Lawyers against the War and the author of the "Comments on the US-UK draft resolution of 5 November 2002" that LAW sent to Security Council members.

Cool War: Economic Sanctions as a Weapon of Mass Destruction
Joy Gordon

U.S. Special Forces in Afghanistan: Vietnam Redux
Marc W. Herold 

A Dossier on Civilian Victims of United States’ Aerial Bombing of Afghanistan
Marc W. Herold 

Counting the Dead
Marc W. Herold 

Völkerrechtliche Aspekte der Irak- Sanktionen
Bernhard Graefrath





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